James McBride

James McBride is a Movement Pattern Analyst* (MPA-Consultant), directing an international consultancy firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark (www.coaction.dk).  As co-founder and European coordinator for the Institute of Movement Pattern Analysis, he also plays a key role in MPA education and is currently involved in an MPA research project run by the US Department of Defence.  Prior to completing his MPA education, he was awarded an MA (Dist.) in Movement Analysis / Choreological Studies from The Laban Centre / London City University.  The main focus of his research was – and continues to be – in the area of cognitive semiotics and integrated movement patterns.  He has designed numerous programmes in Laban-based movement education in Denmark and Norway, and lectures regularly at the University of Copenhagen, the Danish National School of Contemporary Dance, and the Danish Royal Academy of Music.

*MPA is a comprehensive method for assessing a person’s intrinsic motivations in decision-making processes, based on the systematic analysis of integrated movement patterns (or “Posture-Gesture Mergers”).  MPA was developed by Warren Lamb in the 1940’s and ‘50’s, building upon the innovations of movement theorist Rudolf Laban and management consultant F. C. Lawrence.  Warren Lamb assisted Laban and Lawrence in their groundbreaking research within British industry – first among factory workers – then focusing on management.  MPA has a wide range of applications, from career guidance to personal- and team-development, and over 30,000 individuals – primarily those involved in senior management – have made use of MPA-Profiles over the last 50 years.