Corrado Sinigaglia

Corrado Sinigaglia is an Associate Professor of Philosophy of Science at the State University of Milan. He has been at the State University of Milan since 2001 when he was appointed a researcher there. Before that he studied at the Husserl-Archiv of Leuven (1992-1994), at the École Normale Supérieure of Paris (1994) and at the University of Genoa, where he got his PhD in Philosophy of Science in 2000. His major research interests lay in the enactive and embodied roots of social cognition and he has defended a motor approach to intentionality. Latest book: (with G. Rizzolatti), Mirrors in the Brain. How our Minds share Actions and Emotions (Oxford University Press, Oxford-New York 2008). Latest papers (a selection): E. Ambrosini, M. Constantini & C. Sinigaglia, Grasping with eyes. Journal of Neurophysiology 2011 (in press); M. Costantini, E. Ambrosini, C. Sinigaglia & V. Gallese, Tool-use observation makes far objects ready-to-hand. Neuropsychologia 2011 (in press); C. Sinigaglia & G. Rizzolatti, Through the looking glass: Self and others. Consciousness and Cognition 20: 64-74, 2011; C. Sinigaglia, Mirroring and making sense of others. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 11: 449, 2010; G. Rizzolatti, C. Sinigaglia, The functional role of the parieto-frontal mirror circuit: Interpretation and misinterpretations. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 11: 264-274, 2010; C. Sinigaglia, Mirror in action. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 16, 6-8: 309-334, 2009.